Asynchronous electric motors

  • Power capacity up to 1500 Kw
  • available with IP55 / IP65 or IP23 protection degree
  • IE2, IE3, IE4 and non-IE high-performance motors with variable or fixed speed.
  • designed to operate both directly powered by the network and controlled by a speed variator, ensuring a very high level of efficiency.
  • Motors designed to comply with both European and North American energy regulations.
  • High reliability - Robust housing, with front and rear cast iron flange which ensures better
  • Energy saving
  • Fast delivery times
  • Use of standard motors: multi-voltage / multi-frequency, compliance with international standards

Mechanically robust

  • Robust design, tested with simulations and tests
  • Cast iron shields sized (including for aluminum motors)
  • Machine stator unit machined on a spindle, to guarantee perfect concentricity of the motor's magnetic axis
  • Rigorous balancing to reduce the level of vibrations

Guaranteed protection

  • IP55 protection system approved by an independent and qualified laboratory
  • Shaft seal with low energy losses

Longer bearing life

  • Bearings of adequate size for shaft loads
  • High quality grease to extend the useful life and lubrication intervals

Electrical safety

Large box for easy and safe access to connections

Optimized features

  • Optimized circuit for IE2, IE3, IE4 and NIE classes
  • Id / In reduced
  • Designed and suitable for use with inverters or direct starting

Thermal protection

  • PTC sensors included for shaft height ≥ 160 mm
  • Optional sensors available with fast delivery times

Electric sturdiness

  • Dedicated options for variable speed use: - SIR (reinforced insulation system) - insulated bearings
  • painting and impregnation without solvent
  • with 25 K thermal reserve

Improved cooling Complete optimization of engine cooling

  • to reduce losses
  • to avoid hot spots inside windings and bearings
  • to limit the noise level