azionamenti SPDMELLEUNO srl, aware of the consistency of the economic losses deriving from plant breakdowns, has formed a team of technicians with proven experience ready to carry out a rapid fault analysis aimed at making production downtime as short as possible, with a consequent reduction in losses.
The technicians of ELLEUNO srl, are able to intervene promptly on the plant that is in failure. They are equipped with instrumentation and spare parts that guarantee, in the vast majority of cases, the restoration of the correct operation of the converter. However, if necessary, it is possible to overhaul the converter at the ELLEUNO srl laboratory.



ANSALDO type technical assistance for SPDM, SILMAN, SILCOPAC

ELLEUNO srl, is a specialist in technical assistance for dc drives and c.a. ANSALDO NIDEC-ASI, both on the old analogue concept series: SILMAN and SILCOPAC, and on current digital SPDM machines.
We intervene on site for any type of fault for ANSALDO drives like SILMAN, SILCOPAC, SPDM ELLEUNO srl, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week; this activity is carried out both in Italy and abroad.

scheda potenza

Power board Preventive maintenance

ELLEUNO srl, has studied and developed Preventive Maintenance programs, both on the drives and on the electric motors, in order to extend the life of the products as much as possible and to minimize the always unwanted "plant shutdown" from failure, to reduce the wear of the components , to improve operating conditions and performance, try to maximize energy savings.

Procedure ELLEUNO drives ANSALDO type SPDM:

  • Inspection
  • Tests and measures
  • Calibrations
  • Substitutions
  • Reconstructions
  • Analysis of spare parts present at the Customer
  • Management of maintenance "history"

ELLEUNO procedure on electric motors:

  • Brush wear checks
  • Brush holder arch control
  • Anemometer efficiency check
  • Bolt fastening control of terminal box
  • Vibration measurements
  • Balance control
  • Partial discharge diagnostics
  • Infrared thermography
  • Repair of all types of faults


scheda regolazione

Spare parts adjustment card


Always the original and always available in stock the spare parts of the SPDM drives, and also of the old analogue SILCOPAC and SILMAN.

In particular for SPDM drives are always available:

  • CONDBE type regulation card
  • Power board type PU50A, PR50A, PU66A, PR66A
  • Thyristors
  • Fans


Depending on the type of fault and the Customer's needs, we carry out repairs both on site and at our ELLEUNO laboratory in Milan.

SPDM drive repair procedure followed at our site. laboratory:

  • Visual inspection
  • Complete cleaning of the device
  • Check connections
  • Replacements of faulty parts
  • Voltage checks on the test bench
  • Final Reporting

motori ansaldo

Ansaldo Upgrading engines

During the repair phase, always with a view to providing the best service to the Customer, they are proposed where there was the possibility and utility:

  • Replacement of SW, HW and system automation system firmware
  • Update or replacement of the electrical control and automation system
  • Installation of new functions on the existing automation platform, including the updating of mathematical models
  • Replacement of serial communication with field I / O
  • Replacement of HMI and data acquisition system
  • Advanced diagnostic systems to reduce troubleshooting time


The on-site inspection of the plant, always free of charge, allows us to offer our customers revamping programs where the complete replacement is too costly.

  • Conversion from analog to digital control system
  • Addition of "bypass" systems and relative modifications
  • Power increases
  • Improvement of the cooling system
  • Change of power supply parameters (voltage and frequency)
  • Switching from regulation system and direct current motors to alternating current
  • Adaptation of the machine from fixed speed applications to variable speed applications

For each ANSALDO motor we supply all its spare parts, what we need to know is only the type of spare part required and the serial number (or serial number) of the engine itself, located on its plate.

Some examples of spare parts for ANSALDO engines usually supplied:

  • Brushes
  • Brush holder bow
  • Fan
  • bearings
  • exchanger
  • Shields
  • lids

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For each ANSALDO motor we supply all its spare parts, what we need to know is only the type of spare part required and the serial number (or serial number) of the engine itself, located on its plate.
Some examples of spare parts for ANSALDO motors usually supplied:

  • Brushes
  • Brush holders
  • Fan
  • bearings
  • exchanger
  • Shields
  • lids
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