GH 225-630 type machines are designed to meet and exceed the rigorous performance requirements of industrial applications.
Their exemplary electrical and mechanical designs ensure flawless operation in the most severe, heavy duty service.
All stator cores contain high performance electrical steel laminations, with compensating windings provided in the main poles.
The standard winding insulation system employs Class H materials, but standard performance is limited to Class F temperatures to extend machine life. Where required, size GH 225 can be supplied without compensation.

motori elettrici a bassa tensione ansaldo

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As a standard, ANSALDO synchronous machines are built with either salient pole or cylindrical rotors, depending on the speed and size of the machine.

Designed to meet specific application needs on a job-by-job basis, our synchronous motors provide outstanding performance and reliability.

ANSALDO also has consolidated experience in generators coupled to diesel engines and turbines of all types.

  • Power rating: 150 - 60,000 kW 200 - 80,000 HP
  • Voltage: up to 15 kV
  • Mass: 1,500 - 160,000 kg
  • Number of poles: 2- 36
  • Frame size: 450 - 1120 mm, 10, 11, 12, 13
  • Type of cooling: IC 01 - 81W - 611 – 31

motore elettrico sincrono

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Asynchronous electric motors

  • Power capacity up to 1500 Kw
  • available with IP55 / IP65 or IP23 protection degree
  • IE2, IE3, IE4 and non-IE high-performance motors with variable or fixed speed.
  • designed to operate both directly powered by the network and controlled by a speed variator, ensuring a very high level of efficiency.
  • Motors designed to comply with both European and North American energy regulations.
  • High reliability - Robust housing, with front and rear cast iron flange which ensures better
  • Energy saving
  • Fast delivery times
  • Use of standard motors: multi-voltage / multi-frequency, compliance with international standards

Mechanically robust

  • Robust design, tested with simulations and tests
  • Cast iron shields sized (including for aluminum motors)
  • Machine stator unit machined on a spindle, to guarantee perfect concentricity of the motor's magnetic axis
  • Rigorous balancing to reduce the level of vibrations

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ANSALDO motors can be designed to meet the specifications of hazardous area applications. ANSALDO machines meet the most stringent requirements and standards (Shell®, Saudi Aramco®, ExxonMobil®) and the main international standard IEC 60079.

Available executions for hazardous areas:

  • Ex p = pressurized
  • Ex nA = non-sparking
  • Ex e = increased safety
  • Ex t = combustible gas tight
  • Ex d = flame proof All above ATEX marking are also available with IEC Ex and North American marking

Type of protection available:

  • IIA/IIB Gas group for “North America Group C & D”;
  • IIC Gas group for “North America Group A & B”;
  • IIIC Dust Group


motore antideflagrante cad

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Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, the ANSALDO range of electric motors is made with structural steel frames, to offer greater strength and resistance.

The induction machines are built with an aluminium squirrel cage rotor.

The rotor pack consists of a single sheet up to size 1000, the stator is constructed as a separate unit mounted on the frame after the coils have been inserted and the whole has been subjected to the MICASYSTEM ® VPI process.

The Micasystem® VPI insulation system is one of the best on the market as it offers a high degree of reliability. This system is composed of a special mica tape and a mixture of solvent-free resins. Thanks to its exceptional dielectric and mechanical properties, this class F insulation system is particularly suitable for use in nuclear power plants and in highly aggressive environments.

STANDARD SERIESmotore elettrico a induzione

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