ANSALDO motors can be designed to meet the specifications of hazardous area applications. ANSALDO machines meet the most stringent requirements and standards (Shell®, Saudi Aramco®, ExxonMobil®) and the main international standard IEC 60079.

Available executions for hazardous areas:

  • Ex p = pressurized
  • Ex nA = non-sparking
  • Ex e = increased safety
  • Ex t = combustible gas tight
  • Ex d = flame proof All above ATEX marking are also available with IEC Ex and North American marking

Type of protection available:

  • IIA/IIB Gas group for “North America Group C & D”;
  • IIC Gas group for “North America Group A & B”;
  • IIIC Dust Group


motore antideflagrante cad

Series CAD covers totally enclosed frame surface cooled machines for installation in hazardous areas. External cooling fins and internal fans, designed for optimum streamlined air flow, provide effective cooling. This optimized cooling system and the special electromagnetic design of this series make it suitable for variable speed drive applications. Degree of protection is IP 55 according to IEC standards. Cooling method is IC 411 according to IEC standards.


  • Power rating: 160 ÷ 4,500 kW
  • Voltage: up to 15 kV
  • Mass: 1,800 ÷ 25,000 kg
  • Type of Cooling: IC 511 - 411
  • Gas group: IIA - IIB - IIC



motore antideflagrante etSeries ET covers totally enclosed, self ventilated machines with Ex d flameproof casing and built in air to air heat exchanger. The heat exchanger consists of a bank of corrosion resistant steel tubes which are situated around the stator core. Ambient air is forced through the tubes by an external shaft mounted fan. Two internal shaft mounted fans circulate the primary (internal) cooling air through the active parts of the motor and the tube bank. The tubes are carefully assembled and sealed to meet the required standards for flame proof applications.

Certified for temperature from -60°C through +60°C

without heaters needed


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