Technical features

  •  Voltage classes:
    • 380-480 Vac (F)
    • 500Vac (G)
    • 25-690 Vac (K)
  •  Power ratings (400 Vac):

up to 3200kW

  •  Power ratings (690 Vac):

up to 4000kW

  •  Power confi gurations:

AC/AC (6-12-18 pulses) – DC/AC

  • Regenerative versions (AFE)

Typical Applications


What makes the AD3000 the preferred choice?

It is the ideal system integration product for revampings and upgrades. The AD3000 seamlessly integrates into existing plants: its compact footprint is optimized for small spaces. The AD3000 was designed as a plug & play solution for quick and easy installation and maintenance. The AD3000 offers fl exible connectivity for high power applications thanks to the stand alone “inverter control module” that easily connects through optical fi bers to the inverter power modules. These are also available mounted on a cart (optional) for easy installation and reduced maintenance time (MTTR: 20 minutes).

Your power ally

AD3000 high end inverter module reaches a power of 450kW (400Vac) and 500kW (690Vac), offering more power per cubic meter than competitors. Thanks to the fi ber optic cable connections you can now tackle higher power requirements. The AD3000 allows up to 8 inverter power modules in parallel for a total maximum power of 4MW.

The AD3000 is among the smallest in class

Reduced cabinet costs and size • 2 modules can be fi tted into a standard 800 mm panel; • 3 modules can be fi tted into a standard 1000 mm panel.

Versatile and reliable

A wide range of accessories and communication protocols is available.

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